Thursday, November 12, 2009

The bloody scratch on the back of my leg, courtesy of the sand at Waimea Bay. Life is like a survival course here.

Lovely Tom on TV. There are several pictures like this. It's the televised council meetings, or whatever they were, that Tom went to last week. It was research for a paper. I was very proud, and he was very excited.

A quick cooking paragraph (just to annoy Chris!): I am sitting in the lounge/dining room/dressing room/bedroom area of our studio waiting for Tom to come home. Dinner is in the kitchen area of our studio waiting for Tom to come home. It is roasted chicken breast, carrots, parsnips, and brown rice risotto. Oh, here he is!

We are thinking of doing a year teaching English in Korea after graduation - it would mean saving up a lot of money. The weather here is a bit crap, but not like it must be everywhere else in the world! 'A bit crap' here means that the sun is visible through a light layer of clouds, and that it's gone down to an unbelievably cold 28 degree C average.

Dinnertime. We (read: I) are beginning to make CHRISTMAS PRESENT PLANS. This is exciting stuff. Actually, I think my mum and I made Excel spreadsheets on precisely this topic at around the same time without consulting each other (as in, within a couple of hours).

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